To my friends at Rhode Island Internet Sales, their clients, and those who will become clients.
Over the past several years I have made several purchases from Rhode Island Internet Consignment and Sales.  Daily, one of the first things I do every morning when I boot up the computer is go to their site to see what they have newly listed.  They never disappoint me because they always list not only the rare but the interesting and the unusual...items you will not find at your standard art site or antiques site.  Furthermore, the site is laid out such that everything is easy to read, and understand, and when they list an item they do the research first and always know as much as they can find about each item.  They actually save me quite a bit of research time.  And too, they provide all of the photos you could ask for, from every angle, each one clearly depicting the view, and clearly showing a signature, title, or as with Japanese woodblock prints, also the printer's cartouche,  carver's cartouche, censor's seal, etc.    Then they top it all with an iron clad money back guarantee of complete satisfaction or your money cheerfully and quickly refunded upon return of the item, and along with that a starting bid of ninety nine cents!!  That in itself should give people who may never have dealt with them before the sense of security they need to do so, it did for me.   I must admit that I have never had to return anything that I won at one of their auctions...they leave no questions unanswered regarding age, condition, etc.  In conclusion let me just add that over the years I have watched their auctions, I have developed a personal relation with a few of them and can honestly say that they are people that you will enjoy being affiliated with.  And lastly let me just add that I am not now, nor have I ever been in business with them, nor am I related to them....I have never met them except over the telephone, and this is a completely personal and unrehearsed or solicited endorsement.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Diamond 

Dear wwolst12,
I have purchased various items from Bill at RIICS for several years now and have found all to be as described and good quality with no issues to complain about. All their items are photographed well and described accurately. I have found them to be very good honest dealers and all items bought were shipped very quickly via UPS. I have been on eBay now for almost ten years now with 100 percent feedback dealing in antiques for almost 40 years. I check their items for sale on a regular basis and always find something to bid on. I am writing this letter to help Bill in setting up their new website and will continue to purchase/bid on their for sale items in the future.......

- awfulitch

Dear wwolst12,
My experience with you has been consistently enjoyable. The variety of items presented the explanations re: provenance and background of the items auctioned, your guarantees and the fast delivery of items purchased, 
everything points to a Class A operation. Thank you for the good work!

- milagrotrust

Dear wwolst12,
I have been an antique dealer for over 30 years.  I have purchased over 800 items on EBAY and have been buying from Bill and the gang at Rhode Island Internet Consignment & Sales for over ten years.  Without a doubt Bill and his organization are the most trustworthy and reliable of all the sellers I have dealt with on EBAY.  The first thing I do every morning when I first log onto the internet is check the new items being offered on EBAY by Wolst12.  Why?  Because Bill and the gang have the best and most diversified antique offerings on EBAY and there are no reserves.   The items I have purchased from Bill over the years have always exceeded my expectations and there is always room for me to make money on the items that I have purchased.  I wish you guys the best with your new website!

Bob Dodelin

To:     W Wolst12
Hi! I just wanted to let you know that the civil war camp chair arrived today and it is the best camp chair of this type I have ever seen outside a museum I have already replaced the seat and added the chair to my civil war collection. May I say that you are the best seller I have had the pleasure of doing business with on eBay, I have never received an item so fast from anyone and although I paid top dollar it was worth every penny to do business with such honest people. I collect all manner of items from mid 19th century America mostly from the civil war years 1861-1865 so please let me know if you have anything else from the civil war era in the future.Thanks again and have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

David Olstein

To: WWolst12
The crock arrived today in perfect condition, we love it and what a packing job. Absolutely the best I have ever seen.  I took it apart appreciating all the effort and thought you put into it.  Thanks so much.  I hope we can deal again.  

John Blodger

Bill & Wendy,
I've just arranged for a Paypal payment on this item. I can't tell you how excited I am that I won this item. The end of a 20+ year search. My husband just bought my Christmas present. I did sign up with auction sniper and I did mention your name. I'll let you know when I receive the packages and will leave a feedback. Thanks again.

Marilyn Wardenburg 

Dear wwolst12,
I was wondering about the s&h for this item to zip 64015, thank you. I just can't tell you how much fun it was looking through your listings, and how much I appreciated your making everything so clear and interesting. What struck me initially was that you seem to be selling a huge percentage of your items. I just recently started selling on eBay, and am always looking for good examples. You can bet I will take note of how you set up your listing when I get further into it. You also seem very trustable, so to speak, in your listings, and I suspect that you have many repeat customers. You seem able to make the business end clear, while still feeling accommodating and most interested in pleasing the customers. Just wanted to tell you how nice it is to see your listings, what confidence you inspire for bidding, and how much general enjoyment I got from perusing through them. Everybody's listings should be so much fun!

Hi Lindsey,
WOW, I didn't necessarily expect a reply, and certainly nothing as great as this!!!!  I really want to THAAAAANK YOUUUUU!! again, I didn't expect such great help.  I'll surely keep all your tips handy,and refer to them often, for I want to be a truly successful seller also, and I have gobs of little treasures to list.  I will definitely read your ME page, and perhaps use that as a model, also.  Isn't eBay wonderful?  It definitely beats garage sales and flea markets, and, I'm sure, also estate auctions at times.

You were SO generous in your response, it's incredible; I've never had such an answer from a seller before this, I was honestly just being complimentary, since I know you have to have a tremendously faithful buyers' group to be able to maintain such a high percentage of bidding.  I will remember the example you have set, and perhaps some year down the line I, too, will be able to offer such an exemplary hand up.  I have gotten more from looking at your listings and reading your note than I've gotten by reading the whole eBay Idiots book! Thanks again, and you may be hearing from me again soon since I'm bidding on one of your items now.

Rev. Helen M. Hayes

Dear  wwolst12,
Hello, I was just cruising thru and found your site and found someone had bought a stoneware bottle from you. I ran thru you comments on how you run your business and how you believe it should be done. Amen!(I'm not going religious on you), but I just wanted to thank you for maintaining honesty and integrity in your business. I am just getting start with Learning University by eBay, but out here I really get an education and how I wish to handle and run my business and most important is to state what you will and won't do. Sounds right to me.Thanks alot, have a great day!

The stove arrived today, 12-8-06.  The UPS man arrived with my two boxes, and I was fearful to open them based on what they looked like. I opened each package and would you believe it--NOT ONE SINGLE PIECE WITH ANY DAMAGE!!!  Please tell whoever packaged this stove and its parts, I have never seen such an outstanding packing job in my entire life.  It took me a hour and a half to get all the pieces unpackaged. PLEASE CONVEY MY SINCERE THANKS FOR WHOEVER PACKAGED THIS STOVE--YOU DID AN OUTSTANDING JOB.  I AM AN OLD RETIRED SCHOOL TEACHER AND WILL GIVE YOU AN A+.  This is the first A+ I have given in 30 years of teaching--I just did not give them out; however you deserve one.   THANKS again and I am going to clean it up and try and make it look better.  THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Jerry Toews
Goessel, KS.