Rhode Island Internet Consignment & Sales

is our family-run business in

Cumberland, Rhode Island.     

Bill Wolstenholme has been a New England antique picker for almost 50 years and has a true passion and love for antiques.

RIICS Inc. began listing on eBay in 1999 and has increased in size with each year. We n
ow run this business with close friends and family.  We strive to give our consignors and customers a top quality business experience.  We may have a 21st internet based company, however our roots are 20th morals and standards. 

Richard is Lindsey's husband and is our packer. He packs every item that leaves the office and has earned a few nicknames including "The Packing Master."

We receive emails all the time about how well an item was received. 

Lindsey, Bill's second oldest daughter, is "Sergeant-at-Arms." She is in charge of consignment intake and keeps the business going smoothly. She fixes, repairs and gets the majority of the items ready and in the line up for daily photography, and has her hands in almost every aspect of the business. She also lists auctions and assists on solving problems. 

Kendra is our newest auction lister. She eargely took on the task of learning the program and enjoys learning about items everyday that she lists. Kendra has a been a wonderful addition to the listers to make it so WWolst12 can have more items listed then ever before. 

Kristen is our auction writer and trainer of all new listers. She learned quick and moved right up the ladder as a senior auction lister. She is an expert at research, allowing us to list more auctions than ever before.  

Lauren is our book keeper who keeps the financial side of the business organized. She is also in charge of the Consignment accounts, which includes duties like cutting consignor checks. She also handles the difficult task of filing and handling all damage claims.

William is the top helper. He does endless tasks to keep everyone being productive. He also has to fix, and cleans items before photographing, loads deliveries. He also drives the truck to UPS, and assist Richard with packing often.   

Lisa (Yaya), is Bill's youngest daughter. She is the Art Auction-writer.  She is our number one researcher and is great at deciphering artist signatures. She also actively bids and buys at weekly auctions, to keep the site full of interesting items daily. 

Bill is "The Boss." He does all of the buying, as well as receiving consignments from dealers on his weekly runs to Maryland & New Hampshire. He writes some difficult auctions and has the final say on any item that gets listed. His passion is what fuels this business. He loves his job and works

7 days a week. He’s a true workaholic & loves living the American Dream, Working hard & having a successful business that supports all his family!

Wendy is  Bill's wife and is the Matriarch of the family. The grand-kids call her, "Gida" and she keeps us all happy! She watches the grandchildren while we work, makes sure we are all fed and happy and has total control over all of the money that goes in and out of the business!

Amanda is our Jacquuelyn-of-all trades. She answers 

95% of the daily emails, handles shipping quotes, photographs, does all the photo editing, and schedules deliveries. She also helps organize the consignments. We rely on her memory often to keep us organized, Amanda does pretty much everything!